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      Fixturlaser AB develops, manufactures and markets laser based measurement instruments for precision alignment of machine shafts. Our solutions are designed to perform the alignment tasks in an efficient way by providing a user friendly shaft alignment tool minimizing the time consumed – all in line with our concept of “Express Alignment Through Real Innovation”.



      The Fixturlaser XA Geometry package shares many of the advanced technology components and functions with the much appreciated Fixturlaser XA alignment system. The graphical user interface is icon based facilitating interpretation. It has the same Flash animated color screen with color coded values and results, and the green arrows showing in which direction to move the machine or the measurement object. The system is available with wireless units for data transfer; i.e. no cables between transmitters, detectors and the display box, so that you can move around in full freedom when recording measurement points or during adjustments. The documentation of measurement reports is handled via the USB ports for transfer to a PC or other storage media of your choice, i.e. no need for additional external software or hardware.




      Adjustable dispense setting of 1 to 12 months. It dispenses right amount of grease at optimal intervals and prevent feed blockage occurrence. Easylube®Classic (version 4.0) model is equipped with electromechanical gear set and LED warning light. Red warning light flashes when abnormality occurs.UL listed for Class I, Division 2, Group B hazardous locations.
Grease Capacity: 150 ml


      Engineered to meet the most demanding requirements, replaces labor intensive regreasing jobs, prevents unnecessary maintenance repairs and increases bearing reliability. Easylube®Elite (version 5.0) model is equipped with electromechanical gear set and Bicolor LED warning light. Bicolor LED warning light provides information about bearing conditions for maintenance personnel through visual inspection.
Grease Capacity: 150 ml, 250 ml


      With RFID technology, the information of bearing can be obtained immediately and accurately during routine inspection. It enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice. Easylube®RFID (version 5.0) model is equipped with electromechanical gear set, Bicolor LED warning light, RFID tag and reader to enable real time tracking of bearing to achieve condition-based maintenance.
Grease Capacity: 150 ml, 250 ml



      Mirage are a global supplier of portable machine tools for on site machining applications that include Flange facers, Hot tapping and line stopping, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding, Journal turning, Line boring, Pipe and casing cutting, bevelling and threading machines. We provide the most innovative solutions possible for in-situ machining, offering complete turn key solutions from design through to project completion.



Superior Glove™ manufactures a wide range of engineered hand protection. With over 2500 styles of gloves and a team of glove experts to assist you, we will always find your perfect match, whatever the application. Our focus from the beginning has been on high-quality work gloves, which hasn’t changed. What has changed is both glove design and the materials used to create them, like DuPont Kevlar® and DSM Dyneema®. The availability now of an ever-expanding range of high-functioning, technology-driven materials has inspired us to strive even harder to eliminate the damage inflicted by workplace hazards – everything from cuts, burns, frostbite, abrasion, puncture, to chemical exposure and biohazards - and to strengthen our commitment to protecting workers hands so they can achieve the highest productivity in the safest manner possible.

Se-Won High velocity pressure vacuum valve provides automatic control of pressure differentials during cargo loading/unloading, ballasting, or thermal variations and gas freeing purpose on tanks. Se-Won valve is designed to prevent the passage of flame into cargo tanks only if vent outlets on ships fitted with inert gas systems.

JEC Industrial Equipment – “Finding Products, Creating Solutions” Established in 1999 JEC has become a renowned UK and Middle Eastern brand as a supplier of a well-developed and high quality product range of industrial equipment and industrial supplies. Our services are suitably accompanied by our staff's industry experience of 30 years. JEC brings industrial storage equipment, materials handling, office and commercial, safety equipment, site security, warehouse, winter products and workshop equipment through our modern e-commerce website, our export business and our 540 page catalogue. We are a customer focused and an industry efficient business that has developed long lasting relationships with customers in the past 13 years. As such we have what it takes to meet our customer’s needs, wants and demands and we bring our customers satisfaction through calling upon our great supplier relationships to deliver high quality UK manufactured products at competitive prices with quick turnarounds. Our goal is to become the best brand for industrial equipment for all customer types. We have helped a variety of customers with supplying the right industrial product for them, from schools, universities, oil companies, councils, emergency services, right down to the domestic household. We pride ourselves on having a 99% customer satisfaction rate, which is measured through our success online and through our export services to many UK and foreign customers who continually use JEC to meet their industrial equipment requirements. JEC is proud to say that it builds a successful brand and product range on knowing we have the skills to deliever it anywhere in the world at a price that is right. Should you find a product cheaper elsewhere or cannot find what you are looking for online or in a catalogue, please give us a call as we still have many products not yet on the internet or that are more appropriate for large industrial projects and require a personal touch. We continually speak to suppliers and manufacturers on products new and old and we know if you need a certain product we will have the right product for you at the right price.


  • Cable Glands and Accessories ( Hawke & CMP) Special prices from mfrs directly.
  • Cable trays and Accessories.
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Industrial switches, isolators and contactors.
  • Conductor cables
  • Conduit pipes & fittings
  • Myers Hub / Termination kit / Lighting Panel
  • Power receptacle and accessories
  • Junction boxes


  • Tubes & fittings ( Special pricing agreement with Swagelok USA & Japan)
  • Pressure & temperature control and monitoring instruments
  • Measurement and calibration instruments
  • Transmitters & Gauges
  • Pressure switches & Gauges
  • Temperature measuring devices

MRO Products

  • All kinds of Gaskets
  • Mechanical Spares
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Test Instruments
  • General Hardware
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • CPVC and Industrial plastics
  • PTFE Components
  • Industrial Hoses & Thermoplastic tubing

Building Management System

  • AC Spare parts
  • Supply and installation of Condensers and Evaporators
  • Fire and safety system
  • HEPA filters
  • Synthetic Filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Solenoid valves, Spares and Kits.

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